Unix time:1656974297
1A. Meter values Electricity low/high and Gas (totals)
1B.Recorded meter values Electricity low/high and Gas (totals)
2. Recorded historic activevalues electricity used and -generated (low/high tariff)
3. Gas usage
4. Smartmeter ID
5. Read current installed update ondevice
6A. Check, Download & Update software on device.
6B. Check for update
6C Download update
6D. Update device & keep settings
6E. Update device & erase settings
7A. Setup / Tariffs / getEnergieSettings
7B. Setup / Tariffs / putEnergieSettings
8A. Setup WiFi & Ethernet with bc_putNetwork
8B. Read WIFI & Ethernet with bc_getNetwork enter 2 times (start|scan)
9. Setup / WIFI / wifiScan enter 3 times (start|running|scan)
date: In (Unix epoch time), set the end date of measurement.
duration: in units of 1 hour (integer) the time between two measured points (resolution) default is 1 hour if omitted.
period: Set historyview period back in time. Starting point is set by date. Valid property options are:{day|week|month|year|number}
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